A Bear Stole My Fishing Boat by M Jackson

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What happens when your trip goes awry? When your sandal-clad foot steps in the cow dung? Perhaps you too have watched with disbelief as your travel plans fell apart, and have been tempted to look up at the cosmos and cry, “Why me?” Join our posse of twenty-five traveling scribes as they endure some of the weirdest, wackiest, and most comic moments of misadventure you are ever likely to read about.


Learn from Jay Fitzsimmons what small Japanese school children have in common with Jurassic Park Velociraptors after he visits an Uwa-cho elementary school dressed as Santa Claus. Discover how one of Wayne Van Sickle’s friends ended up traveling to Alaska with no toothbrush, wallet, passport … or pants. Join Matt Fidler and Scott MacDonald as they try to win a bet by hitchhiking to all fifty United States capitols in fifty days or less. Set sail with outdoor guide Marty Descoteaux and watch with disbelief as a bear hijacks his fishing boat. Learn from a desperate Matt Jackson why siphoning gasoline from a car is never a good idea, and what happens when it goes very, very wrong. Tag along with a young couple from Florida for their honeymoon of a lifetime—several months of homesteading in the remote Alaska wilderness. And many more stories….

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