Common Mammals of the Northwest by J. Duane Sept

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With this clear, concise, full-color guide to the mammals of the Northwest, you will discover more than 80 species of mammals that live in the area, along with details of their habitats, home-building, diets, families and interesting facts. Each mammal has a unique way of life, and habits and behaviors all their own.

Columbian Ground Squirrels often greet each other with a “kissing” display.

The huge, impressive Humpback Whale breaches (leaps completely out of the water), as well as lob-tailing, flipper snapping and other wild feats–and no one knows why.

In optimum conditions and no predators, one female Meadow Vole can produce 1,000,000 offspring in a single year.

The Western Jumping Mouse, which weighs only about 1.3 oz, can leap higher than 2 feet as it wanders in search of food.

The North American Porcupine does not throw its quills, but when it senses danger it can flick its tail to release quills to an intruder.

The coyote “howls” to announce its location, or to celebrate a reunion, or perhaps just for the joy of it.

This guide is packed with information, including special tips for identifying species, interesting facts that naturalists have gathered, such as size and weight, habitat, diet, similar species and identification details. All of this is accompanied by fascinating notes on where certain species originated and how they ended up here, as well as details of how they go about sharing the Northwest with us.

ISBN 978-0-9952266-4-7
5.5 x 8.5”
Paperback – 96 pages
90 color photos & 80 Maps
May 30, 2022

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