Tru Flare Bear Banger/Flare Kit - 05P (Launcher, Pouch & Cartridges)

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The 05 Kit is a complete animal deterrent and signaling kit contained in a secure zippered pouch with specific compartments for the contents. A nylon loop on the back of the kit allows for attachment to a belt or backpack to allow for fast access for when you need it most.

Outfitting the Pen Launcher with a Bear Banger (6 included) provides effective animal scarring while keeping you safe from a distance. The flare cartridges (6 included - 2 red, 2 green, 2 white) are visible for up to 3 km during the day and an impressive 12km at night.


  • Kit includes 1 Thumb Launcher, 6 flares (2 red, 2 green, 2 white) and 6 BearBangers
  • Nylon, zippered pouch keeps contents secure
  • 15mm center fire cartridges
  • Thumb leaver firing and spring loaded

1. Pick up a proper cartridge- center or rim fire
2. Remove the safety cap
3. Screw the cartridge into the launcher
4. Point the launcher skywards
5. Pull the Trigger button and shoot vertically
6. Put the Trigger on position "SAFE"

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