Lock Load FASTener Strap Assortment

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Three - 4 foot straps

Two - 8 foot straps

One mesh bag

Assorted colors: Black, yellow, red, blue


The Load Lock® offers all of the advantages of plastic construction while providing strength and reliability more typically found in light duty metal cam buckles. 

The high-strength, spring-less, self-locking design of the Load Lock FASTener® makes it a superior alternative to other plastic buckles that fail to provide the high breaking strength and positive locking ability required for a wide range of applications.  The strong plastic construction also makes the Load Lock® the only plastic fastener alternative to metal cam-type fasteners in many applications where the higher strength of some metal cams is not required.  Unlike metal cams and ratchet tie-down straps, the Load Lock® will not rust, scratch, mar, or otherwise damage secured gear and property and it is machine-washable.  The Load Lock® is also significantly stronger, more reliable, and more adjustable than many side release and plastic cam fasteners.  These features combine to make the Load Lock® a great choice for an unlimited number of light and medium duty applications.  All Load Lock branded products are Made in USA.


 Originally designed for the unforgiving marine environment, Load Lock® Tie Down Straps are available with nylon strap in lengths of 8' and 12' to provide a rust-proof and non-damaging alternative to metal cam buckles for a wide range of applications (indoors or outdoors).  Load Lock® tie-downs are available in several quantity and color options.  Load Lock® tie-downs with 8' Nylon feature our unique Finger Loop strap design that provides a convenient handle for the hanging and carrying of secured objects while also providing a secure method for attaching the tie-down straps (via a pass around loop connection) to an object such as a roof rack bar or fence post.  The Finger Loop can also be used to join two Load Locks® together in applications where extra length may be required.  The Load Lock® is far stronger, slip-proof, and more secure than competing plastic fastener products that tend to easily slip with load shifts or release with accidental contact, and unlike metal cams, the Load Lock® will not rust, scratch, mar, or otherwise cause damage to property and the nylon strap versions are machine-washable for years of use. Several of the multi-pack products below come with a rugged, machine-washable nylon mesh drawstring bag for convenient storage and transport. Breaking strength: approximately 230 pounds.   Made in USA.

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