Sabre Dog Attack Deterrent

Title:Sabre Dog Attack Deterrent 50 g
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Protect yourself-Protect your Dog when Walking, Running, Cycling, or Commuting 

Dog attack Deterrent is used by walkers, postal workers, joggers and other people who work or
recreate outdoors. It has been proven to be effective against attacking dogs, and is unlikely to
cause residual injury to healthy dogs when used properly. When activated, it fires concentrated pepper
ingredients. (The medical treatment for dog repellent pepper spray is fresh air and water.)
  • 50 gram unit fires approximately 10-1 second bursts at 3 meters (10 feet) in a heavy fog pattern.
  • .50% Absolute Capsaicin
  • Flip Top Professional
  • Heavy Conical Spray - Less Aiming Required 
  • Cannot be shipped to the US
Propellant: Dymel 134a allows the last shot to shot as far and as forceful as the first shot. Widely used in the Pharmaceutical Industry because of its reliability, Dymel allows SABRE to fire up to 70% longer than other Dog Attack Deterrents.
All purchasers must be age 18 or older. I dentification will be requested.
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