Boreal Design Storm 17 Rudder TX ( Reg Weight )

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The new Storm 17 is a kayak that can do many things really well. For those mid-sized to larger paddlers who are looking for a light-weight, Weights for both ABS and Ultralight layups, durable, and comfortable boat that’s versatile, the Storm 17 ticks all the boxes. Whether you’re heading out on a long trip or a short skip across the bay, this kayak is stable, easily packable and very seaworthy. Built with our Thermoformed ABS / Ultralight, this will be your favourite kayak for many years to come.

Primary Stability

Primary stability is a reflection of how stable the kayak feels while sitting still on a calm body of water. A high primary stability is perfect for beginners, photographers and fisherman alike.

Secondary Stability

Secondary stability is the stability felt while edging the boat (leaning the kayak on one side using your hips). A kayak with a poor secondary will require a stronger bracing technique to edge with confidence.

Handling vs Tracking

There is no right or wrong answer here. A kayak that tracks more (more grey) will be easy to keep on a straight course. A loose kayak (more blue) will be easy to turn on a dime and change direction quickly.

Length Width Cockpit Kayak Weight TX/
(weights shown are for ruddered version)
Recommended weight of paddler
16′-12″ (518 cm) 24” (61cm) 16.7″ x 32.1” (81.5cm x 42.5cm)  / 54.8 lbs (23..2 kg /  160 to 325 lbs. (72.6 to 146.4 kgs.)
Recommended load limit Total Volume Type of Chine Steering System Béluga skirt size
348 lbs. (158 kgs.) 112 gal. US (424 l.) Multi-Chine Rudder or Skeg X-Large

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