Wood Stoves

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This wood burning heater is a simple and economical solution to heating small spaces such as hunters cabins or ice fishing shacks. at only 11 lbs (18" model) to 22 lbs (26" model), it is easily packed into remote locations. manufactured from top quality heavy gauge steel, pressed top and bottom and rolled seams. these heaters also feature a full corrugated lining for longer heater life, pressed steel dampers and legs as well as a draft check control. sold complete with installation and operating instructions.
You can also find our heaters at your local Home Hardware Store! Check their website to see the Home Hardware store that is closest to you!

Dimensions for each size of heater are as follows.

Rectangular option has a built in Oven and takes 5" pipe

pipes not included.

 product Weight Width Depth Height
18" Heater

4.94 kg

10.89 lbs

47.0 cm

18.5 in

35.6 cm

14.0 in

41.9 cm

16.5 in

20" Heater

5.64 kg

12.43 lbs

52.1 cm

20.5 in

40.6 cm

16.0 in

45.7 cm

18.0 in

22" Heater

6.61 kg

14.57 lbs

58.4 cm

23.0 in

45.7 cm

18.0 in

49.5 cm

19.5 in

24" Heater

8.70 kg

19.18 lbs

66.0 cm

26.0 in

52.8 cm

20.8 in

57.2 cm

22.5 in

26" Heater

11.10 kg

24.47 lbs

66.0 cm

26.0 in

52.8 cm

20.8 in

67.3 cm

26.5 in

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